The Chairmans Challenge 2015

It was the AGM 2015 when the Chairman announced his challenge to the club. 'I will supply a box 31 inches long 11 inches wide and 16 inches deep to build a working diorama in it.'


'You have from 30th March to 30th September to complete it and it must cost no more than 50, excluding controllers and rolling stock.'


Six members took up the challenge, which was won jointly by Jane Ardener and Tim Mercer. Nigel Fisher won 3rd place. Judging was performed by David Baverstock assisted by his son John. David is the Chairman of the Association of Model Railway Clubs, Wales and West of England, and Chairman of the N gauge Society.


Both winning layouts have been invited to the Bristol Show.


Jane Ardener - Joint 1st Place
Jane Adeners winning entry  Jane Ardeners winning entry

Tim Mercer - Joint 1st Place
Tim Mercers winning entry  Tim Mercers winning entry

Nigel Fisher - 3rd Place
Nigel Fishers entry  Nigel Fishers entry
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Barry Wood
Barry Woods entry  Barry Woods entry

Lindsey Chewter

Lindsey Chewters entry  Lindsey Chewters entry

Tony Cousins
Tony Cousins entry  Tony Cousins entry



Open to members of the Billericay Model Railway Group

Opening date 30th March 2015

Closing date 30th September 2015

Budget: Maximum spend £50.00. This does not include stock or controller.

Object: To construct within a box a working diorama in any scale, from either an actual or imaginary scene, with a message or story behind it.

Finish: Box must close on completion as originally supplied. Additions may be added but must not increase the overall sizes by more than 10mm.

Layouts cannot be constructed on club evenings although they can be brought in for the purpose of assistance or guidance.

Members taking a box commit to the challenge to submit their entry by 30th September. Boxes not submitted by this date will incur a charge of £15.00 per box.

All boxes will be the same dimensions subject to manufacturing tolerances.

Notes: A CD with various buildings and texture sheets amounting to a cost value in excess of £50 will be made available to anyone who wants it. It is valued at £5 for the purposes of this project. Thin second-hand foam board owned by the club will be made available free of charge to those taking part limited to two pieces at 17" x 32"

Judging: By an independent judge whose decision will be final will be based on originality, detail and general presentation. The prize to the winner will be an appropriate locomotive or stock to the same value, yet to be determined.


Any questions or queries will be resolved by discussion. Failure to achieve that then the chairman will make a fair and binding decision.



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